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Freeze-dried candy undergoes a unique preservation process where it is rapidly frozen and then placed in a vacuum chamber, allowing the frozen water content to sublime directly from solid to gas. This process leaves behind a crunchy, airy texture while retaining the vibrant colors and intense flavors of the original candy. The result is a light, crispy treat that bursts with flavor upon consumption, offering a delightful and novel snacking experience.

Hello & welcome to The Sweetie People


Why not come and visit our Sweet shop located at 36-38 Towngate, Wyke, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD12 9NT.

Seeking to capitalise on today’s nostalgia for traditional sweets, The Sweetie People offer a wide range of treats to tempt customers of all ages. With over 1000 varieties in stock in store, customers can be assured that they can find their favourites when they visit the Sweetie People.


Everything from traditional pick and mix through to American Candy & Soda, Australian and Japanese candies, The shop caters for all tastes and offers a truly unique selection that cannot be found elsewhere. Gift boxes and limited-edition sweets are also on offer so that those looking for an extra special celebratory treat can find something to suit all tastes.


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